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KC Raven

I'm a multi-skilled artist who focuses on visual problem-solving.

I specialized over the years in eLearning and education content used in colleges, schools, and employee training. Having this array of skills allows me to handle multiple parts of a project or the whole project.

This can be anything from script reviews, creating content, designing interactives, animating and editing a video, to pitching and boarding ideas.

In this realm being a multi-skilled artist is a must because anything can be used for eLearnings. Having all these skill sets and experiences allows me to be a one-man team when needed. But I also know the importance of having on a team and working to everyone's strengths.

I started Unique not Freak back in 2015. To display and sell my traditional art.

My work has a cute and creepy feel to them, ranging from surreal emotions to fantasy creatures and myths. My traditional skills are open for commissions and you can find out more about these skills from Unique not Freak

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