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10 years experience working on the production side in Multi-Media studios




2D Animation

Concept Art

Content Design

Video/Audio Editing

Interactive Developer

eLearning Design/Developer

Basic HTML, CSS, Jquery


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Captivate

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

Adobe Indesign

Storyboard Pro

Storyline 360

Storyboard Artist /  Illustrator / Animator

Create the assets and layout for the company information video. Help provide feedback on the script, find voice-over talent, and storyboard the videos. The assets are animated in After Effects.

Illustrator Using a Tablet
Storyboard Artist /  Illustrator / Animator

I storyboard education videos and activities/games for the Mcgraw Hill AR app.

Need to provide ideas and solutions for every storyboard. Boards must be detailed, and act as a blueprint for the rest of the development team to follow. Activity boards require all interactions to be planned out and functionality details to be provided in boards for developers to reference.

I will also sketch out concept designs for 3D objects and layouts. Illustrate scenes and animate them in After Effects.

Camp Snapofeather

Storyboard Artist

Storyboard part of a pilot episode with a team for a comedy cartoon series.

Drawing a Storyboard
Designer On Computer
eLearning Developer / Designer

Created and designed storyboards, and assets for videos, and designed interactive courses in Storyline for colleges like Florida Tech, Emory University, and UBS.

eLearning Developer / Animator

Was the lead eLearning developer for Captivate and Storyline projects. Create interactive courses for corporate training for New York Life, and Mercedes.

Create educational animated videos for classes for McGraw Hill and Pearson.

I was the go-to guy for learning new programs and could jump onto any project or department from a digital to a physical project to concepts to web development.

Designing Together
Video Editing Timeline

Multi Media Productions

After Effects Animator

Created animated segments for Taste of History.

Would edit and animated historic illustrations in Photoshop and After Effects.

My business making unique illustrations from surreal emotions, myths, and fantasy. I attend multiple shows every year from street craft fairs to conventions.

The illustrations are done on mix media paper with acrylic wash and inks to give them a watercolor effect.

Color Stain
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